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The Lock In: The Studio Series, Part 1

Alice Hazlett Takes Us Through the Design and Decorating Process of The Lock In Studio in her Series of Interior Blogs

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The Lock In: The Studio Series, Part 1
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The Lock In studio sits proudly in the centre of our town. The penthouse suite of a great, expansive building, built in the late 1800’s when architecture was vast and impressive. 

Internally, the grandeur of the Victorian building has been notably eaten away by an extensive plague of fax machines, computer chairs and gasp practical grey carpets. Culminating in the top floor space which, with its purple and green walls and graveyard of plastic chairs, was desperate for a new lease of life. Despite the shocking wallpaper (did I mention it was purple AND green) when we viewed the space an unmistakable murmur escaped our lips… potential.

Enter me, she says in parentheses. 

The Lock In gents kindly asked me to get involved transforming this soulless space into a hub for their community led enterprise. The brief was a space to record, interview, chat and work; a place that was welcoming, practical and fun. It was to be a studio, not only in the sense that recordings would be taking place, but a studio to create and develop ideas in.

With the happiness of 7 Barrow lads riding on it, it was a high-pressure undertaking. I am most definitely under-qualified for the job, however, when myself and Robbie (Lock In director) started renovating our home 2 years ago, I discovered a strangely rewarding fondness for DIY, styling my home and taking 100+ photos in a row of my sofa. If you fancy having a nose please do @renovatingtheoldlady 

In this series of blogs, I thought I would take you through the process of designing and transforming the space. I’ll hopefully be showing you how a small budget and very little skill can achieve big things - when you chuck in a load of enthusiasm and free labour. 

The Design Process

Step 1 for me is always to get inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are a great place to start as there are literally millions of photographs at your fingertips to browse through. I like to save these inspirational photos next to photos of the space, to try and envision how that style would work in the space available and what elements I can realistically bring into the room.

As you can see, there was a lot to do to make the vision a reality. It’s a good job that gurney was there, as a long lie down was needed after looking closely at those wooden beams painted in thick, purple gloss. 

Step 2 is a visit to the metropolis that is B&Q. Let’s face it, there’s lights, tunes playing, and you’re bound to bump into a familiar face, it’s practically a night out these days! Now I had an idea of the colours I liked, I grabbed some paint chips to compare and peruse at leisure. I eventually settled on Valspar’s Cavern Walls, a dark, rich grey with lush greenish undertones. This was to be off-set with bright white on the other walls in the room so something deep and dark was needed to create a moodiness and cosiness to the large room. And with a nod to The Cavern Club in the name of the shade, it felt fitting.

After this I put together an incredibly professional moodboard (okay “moodboard”) on powerpoint. I’ve never done this before for a room in my own home, however I wanted to run my ideas by the Lock In lads. I screenshotted the colour I’d chosen from the Valpar website and layered some interior ideas over the top. I’m sure that’s how all the proper interior designers do it too!

After I got the go ahead - the lads followed Robbie’s lead and my initial ideas were met with a round of “yes, dear” - it was time to crack out the paintbrushes.

Alice Hazlett

Alice Hazlett is a long-time dabbler in the Barrow music scene and part-time helper at The Lock In studio.

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