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Review - The Silver Bars - No Luxuries EP

The Silver Bars have struck gold on their debut EP ‘No Luxuries’

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Review - The Silver Bars - No Luxuries EP
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The Silver Bars have struck gold on their debut EP ‘No Luxuries’, set for release on January 29th. Brimming with attitude and potential, this four-track triumph is set to deliver a shot of adrenaline to kitchen discos across the Furness area and beyond. 

The band started out as lead singer Dylan Grafton and keys man Phil McArthur, but the operation soon expanded after a positive reception on the local gig scene. The lineup was completed by Elliott Jones on bass, Kieran Hackett on guitar and Matt Grosvenor on drums. 

There might be some rock’n’roll stage personas knocking about, but big egos don’t seem a problem in The Silver Bars. Phil told The Lock In: “expanding to a five piece has only been a positive creative experience…I've been astounded with the talent that we've found. Everyone who's joined the band has seamlessly developed their own roles and it just works”.

Despite the title, ‘No Luxuries’ is a real treat. Indie influences like The Strokes and The Cribs are notable, but they don’t overpower the originality of the material. Opening track ‘Damsel’ even has an echo of The Stone Roses in its intro cymbals. My personal favourite from the EP, the lyrics are a clever commentary about a dream girl caught in a stifling relationship.

‘Man in the Sky’, released as a single on January 15th, is an epic ethereal journey. It begins with the pace of a typical indie song, but the mix of tempos and incorporation of a falsetto chorus takes ‘Man in the Sky’ out of this world (excuse the shite pun). 

The EP’s closer ‘My World’ has a more jagged feel than the rest of the tracks. The production on ‘No Luxuries’ is no doubt slick, thanks to the vast experience of producer Neil Kennedy, whose previous credits include working with Boston Manor and Creeper. However, ‘My World’ has a more wild, explosive energy that instantly conjures up images of a sweaty gig dancefloor. Lead singer Dylan’s favourite song from the EP, its writing journey was an interesting one: “I wrote the chords on an unplugged electric [guitar] then wrote 2 verses about the Hindenburg Disaster… I was walking around Walney a couple months later and was looking at all the street names, then I thought about the town and how it becomes an identity of anyone who lives here… I wrote about that instead”.

So, has it been difficult to create a whole EP without audiences to test it out on? Not for these lads. Drummer Matt told us: “we always wanted to step up our game and record an EP… We absolutely have audiences in mind when we think about releasing music, but you have to be your own biggest fan first and I think that’s important!”.

Confidence is key, and The Silver Bars have every reason to back themselves. ‘No Luxuries’ is a strong debut from a promising bit of Barrow talent, and is sure to draw the crowds when gigs begin again. 

’No Luxuries’ is out January 29th. Pre-save their EP here.

Isadora Lynch

Isadora Lynch is new to The Lock In. She is a freelance writer, party animal, and proper Barra lass.

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The Silver Bars are pretty hot property at the moment See more about the band here. Or follow them on Spotify.