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Our Picks for the Best Music of 2021

We've been listening to a lot of great music over the last year and we thought we might just share our top 5 picks!

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Our Picks for the Best Music of 2021
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Some cracking music came out in 2021, so we thought you know what we will give you our picks and put a face to the team!

Hamo's Picks

Our resident Superstar DJ - Grant Hamilton otherwise known as Strike One! Hamo is one of the most technical DJs i've ever seen, I still can't breakdown what he does in his sets coz his hands are lighting fast on the 1's & 2's!

Borai & Denham Audio - Club Glow, Vol 1

Ghetts - Conflict of Interest

KETTAMA - Steel City Dance Discs Volume 26

Bicep - Isles

Dimension - Organ

Mallo’s Picks

The Unsung Hero of The Lock In, Mallo is our hands on guy you can always count on!

Maximo Park - Nature Always Wins

Sea Girls - Sick

The War on Drugs - I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Yard Act - Dark Days

NG’s High Flying Birds - Flying On The Ground

Andy's Picks

The braun and voice of reason of the group, you might know him as the handsome one of the twang boys.... he also has cracking taste in music!

W.H. Lung - Vanities

Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Lauer - Answers 2 Trouble

Leon Vynehall - Rare, Forever

Metronomy - Posse EP Vol 1

Josh’s picks

King of Sofas himself, Josh is the work horse of the group who puts the same passion he has in music into what we do hear at The Lock In

Dry cleaning - New long leg

Wet leg - Chaise Longue

Black Country New Road - For the first time

Cooper T - Scared

Geese - Projector

Mal's picks

Mal is the smooth talking Cheese-Grilla of the group, always drives us to push forward in the right direction, the less handsome half of Twang has some cracking picks here!

The magician - Magic tape 100

Maximo Park - Nature always win

Little Simms - Sometimes I may be introvert

James Vincent Mcmorrow - Grapefruit Season

Mogwai - As the Love Continues

Robbie's Picks

The Heart and Soul of team, Robbie made this site and all the pretty things we post! He is a man who's heart in music is in the older generations and so you will see rereleased stuff in his picks!

St Vincent - Daddy's Home

Little Simz - Woman

Beatles - Let It Be

Celeste - Not Your Muse

Hamish Hawk - The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973

Liam’s Picks

The Dreamer of the group and usually the butt of the teams jokes, Liam is the ideas man with a passion for music and the promoter of about 50 different club nights!

Cooper T - Best of You

The Silver Bars - No Luxuries

Gumshoe - Positive Sinking

Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs

Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz

Liam Blackley

Liam Blackley is part of The Lock In team, event organiser extraordinaire, and all round good guy.

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From Sleaford Mods to Cooper T, Here is our 2021 wrapped up in a nutshell