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Liam Blackley: How I Got My PS5

Are You Still Trying to get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X? Liam Has You Covered

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Liam Blackley: How I Got My PS5
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Are you still trying to get a ps5 or an Xbox series X? Are you seriously considering paying one of those grubby scalpers double bubble just to play the new spider-man game in next gen?! Who am I to judge when I was in the same boat as you…… until I finally cracked it!

Now first things first, how do you know when stock is dropping? This is the most important step in my opinion as you can check the same out of stock sites each day and look sobbingly at stock informer showing you all the drops you missed.

You need to find a good twitter bot or discord group, I highly recommend the twitter bot @hensteethbot and set notifications for all tweets from this bot as it seems to be the quickest to the draw for all the drops – I also advise you check the page each day to see their tweets letting you know when drops are expected so you can monitor your notifications on drop day.

Right so you may already be following one of these and you're thinking "Yeah yeah mate, how the hell did you manage to beat the scalpers bots?" Well for those who don't already know these bots are the reason the scalpers are able to bag so many consoles and brag about it on twitter so they can over compensate for how small their manhood is. Historically these bots actually originated from the sneaker drop scene, sophisticated little sods that bypass queues and automatically fill your cart and pays for the item before you can say "I'm a massive flange!".

Well my friends I have some tactical options for you to go for to beat the buggers!

So picture me on drop day, panicking to try get on the page so I don't miss out when it sells out in 10 minutes! It's at this point I advise you to keep your composure, you may find the site isn't functioning as it should due to all the traffic, calm down and don't refresh the page over and over like an idiot, only refresh if you can't reach the site.

Once you're on the site, and are able to navigate to the list of stock, don't go for a PS5 on its own as this is where the scalpers are targeting, you want to go for a bundle! I opted for a bundle on the game website with a less desirable game (In my case Assassins Creed) and some cheap accessories pack that I'll never use, but guess what? I wasn't in a queue!

Next to me were colleagues of mine sat in a queue with a huge wait time coz they only wanted the digital edition and there was me on the page for the bundle, now once you're on the page again you need composure, it's not in your cart till it's in your cart but once it goes through I recommend checking out as a guest!

Other tipsters recommend saving details on the site so you can have a faster checkout, well guess what people that just slows you down going back to the sites servers to check your information! If you're slow at typing then have all your details typed out before if it's not already saved to your google cache and copy and paste the lot in quick as you can!

Now from my experience (even though it eventually went through) it struggled with PayPal, I recommend you just put your card details in, anything that takes you off the website is going to slow you down and can fail fail fail! Using a card instead can be the difference between getting to experience haptic feedback with adaptive triggers and tears.

If there is an option on delivery for insured delivery I recommend you take it, not only will you get your eager hands on the bad boy quickly but if some dodgy delivery guy swipes your purchase (Which has been reported to have happened) then not only will you get your cash back you will receive a small amount of compensation for your troubles!

Well guys hope this has been helpful to you! I recommend you get straight on Astros Playroom as soon as its setup, brilliant game and showcases exactly what your new ps5 controller can do!

And if you're after an Xbox for some weird reason then dunno….. play Halo or something you absolute berk.

Liam Blackley

Liam Blackley is part of The Lock In team, event organiser extraordinaire, and all round good guy.

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