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Keith Capstick - Under the Grill

We got the legend Keith Capstick into the hot seat to ask him about his time Djing under the Zone banner

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Keith Capstick - Under the Grill
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What was your first experience of Italio House music either as a DJ or punter and where was it?

I had a copy of a copy of a copy of a Matt Bell Zone tape. I think it was the one with the "unfucking believe" scratch on it. This got us into the music. First club we went to was The Empire All-Nighter in Morecambe and my first time as a raver in Zone was the 3rd birthday.


What is your personal favourite set of the era to listen to for personal pleasure? And I mean one of your stable mates rather your own. 

Zone 3rd birthday as it was my first night at zone, and the zone vol 5 tape is still talked about to this day. Of my own sets Maximes vol16 is the first time i played a 1am set as when i started DJing i was always on first.


What was your finest moment personally behind the decks? And why?

Don't really know how to answer that one. You'll need to ask the ravers I've played to i guess. Meeting and playing alongside the DJs I grew up listening to has been amazing though.


To a seasoned devotee of that special brand of house and it wasn't just house that was Italio based. It's important to make that distinction. A lot of house music that was played in back to basics and 051, more traditional house clubs, made its way into Zone sets. So there is nuance between say an early nineties Matt Bell set and say a 96 era Andy D set. What was your favourite era? And do you favour a more traditional Italian house set over say a leaning to a more traditional house mix like Chris Baker sometimes favoured? 

Defo full on Italian piano from 90-93 is my favourite era. The more British House didn't have the same uplifting happy vibe as the Italian house. Except for the likes of Bassheads, K Klass etc


What's your relationship like today with the other DJs and MCs?

Great. Especially with the Zone DJs, it really is a great laugh when we get together.


Favourite moment of being in the zone that isn't music related. Funny or outrageous story involving you or someone else?

There was a really attractive girl who was always on the Maximes dancefloor, me and my mate would kind of try it on but to no avail. Once I started DJing she suddenly took an interest in me (obviously no me but me the DJ) It was very difficult but also satisfying giving her the "getto fuck" motion she gave me years before. 😂😂


What are your three favourite house tunes of all time?

This changes all the time apart from my number 1: Asha - JJ Tribute  

  1. Asha - JJ Tribute
  2. Techno Age - Movin on
  3. Soul Masters - We've got energy

Do you agree that MC Irie is the greatest MC that ever graced a Mic? And he should have got an OBE for his services to music? For his transcendental thought processes that enhance - actually enhanced the already amazing music?

I'll agree to that one. Ive also been lucky to play alongside so many great MCs.


What other than obviously the music in your life brings you joy today?

Gotta have to say my kids havn't I ha ha. And football. Music, kids and football that just about takes up all my time ha ha and I love it.


Is there anything if you had one chance to change anything about your time spent involved with the zone? Just one thing what would it be?

I wouldn't change a thing. I love it as much today as I did when i started 20 odd years ago. It really has been amazing (from what i can remember of it ha ha) Ive never really taken it too seriously, it has always just been about a night out having a great time with my mates. Long may it continue.

Malcolm Lingard

Malcolm is part of the Fudstock event team, and co-director of The Lock In.

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