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Charli Fudge: Get Your Lockdown Arts Fix This Weekend

Charli Fudge Breaks Down the Best of the Lockdown Live Streams

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Charli Fudge: Get Your Lockdown Arts Fix This Weekend
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Half term, glorious half term. A time when half of us step out on overpriced holidays with under impressed sprogs, while the other far more sensible half either pick up the slack at work or massively slack off while their boss is at Butlins. Not this time though, these days even Bognor Regis seems like a faraway, fairy-tale destination as we all march solemnly into Weekend Number 46 of restrictions, the scotch eggs of late summer long forgotten. But hey, look on the bright side, at least for one week you can stop feeling stupid and a little bit paranoid when your child asks you what a pathetic fallacy is.

Once the weekend is here it’s time to grab a beer and start using your technology for something far more worthwhile than “school”. Live arts streamed directly into your facehole via your tellybox, of course. And boy do we have some treats for you this week.

Thursday 18th February

34th Annual Tibet House US Benefit Concert

Even the Dalai Lama isn’t missing this legendary celebration which is usually only accessible to the New York elite. Join the likes of Iggy Pop, Pheobe Bridgers, Patti Smith, Brittany Howard and Annie Lennox as they celebrate the Tibetan New Year. The show kicks off in the early hours of Thursday morning but will be playing throughout the day with tickets starting at $25 unless you want a Katak Blessing Scarf (which you know you do). More info here.

34th Annual Tibet House US Benefit Concert Live Stream


Bit of a weird one for you but a hopefully vaccinated, definitely ancient and apparently money grabbing Joey Kramer, drummer of Aerosmith, will be running a drumming masterclass for a whopping $175 this Thursday. Expect stories, tips and knowledge from 50 years in the business as well as more than a few plugs for his coffee shop and restaurant business. Greedy twat. More info here.

Joey Kramer Live Stream

Plain White T’s

Hey there corona, what’s it like outside my city, I’ve missed a million seshes and I’m feeling pretty shitty, yeah I do. Catch the Plain White T’s over on Facebook.

Plain White T’s Live Stream

High Contrast

Start the weekend early with drum and bass lord High Contrast who will be streaming sounds from the underground free over at Youtube here at 8pmIts never too early for a bassface in lockdown. Just keep the trigger fingers away from the front window, you’ll scare the neighbour’s kids.

High Contrast Live Stream

Friday 19th Feburary

Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye

It’s a busy weekend for punk rock poet Patti Smith who takes to the stage for the second time to celebrate 50 years of words and music with her right hand man Lenny Kaye. Tickets are $10 and although it streams at 2am its available all day here.

Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye Live Stream


New York City’s synth pop starlet Softee has shared a broadway stage with Denzel Washington, but has traded in the crack of the boards for the waves of the keyboard. Check out her new wave dreampop for $13 here.

Softee Live Stream


Limmy is livestreaming his unique brand of surreal, Scottish humour over on Twitch on Friday between 9:30 and 1:00. Expect gameplay, chitter chatter and lots of the C-word. Watch here.

Limmy Live Stream

Saturday 20th February

Tim Burgess Listening Party

Tim Burgess of the Charlatans has been hosting Twitter listening parties since the start of lockdown and has covered everyone from David Bowie to Arlo Parks. This Saturday its Badly Drawn Boy and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s turn, but check out the archives on the website for a new way to listen to your old favourite.The man himself will be streaming alongside his bandmates in a few weeks so watch this space if you’re a fan for mWatch here.

Tim Burgess Live Stream

Daniel Caesar

It’s been a rocky couple of years for once up and coming Canadian singer-songwriter, Barack Obama favourite and closet conservative Daniel Caesar since his social media outbursts got him cancelled. Give him a second chance if you fancy it over at his live stream in the early hours of Saturday night here.

‍Daniel Caesar Live Stream

Sunday 21st February

The Haunting of Alice Bowles

It’s pretty slim pickings on Sunday so I’m going to take the chance to force another cultural offering down your throat in the form of a spooky play featuring Mel and Ben off Eastenders. Two youtube explorers encounter a mysterious grave in an abandoned churchyard. Classic. Catch it here for £15.

The Haunting of Alice Bowles Live Stream
Charlie Fudge

Charli Fudge is an honorary Barrovian having shacked up a few years ago with one of the West Coast’s finest’s - very own Mark Pratt. Has previously written for Itchy City Guides and Vice but has since settled down for the understated life of a public sector worker/forever unfinished novelist.

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