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John Murphy

John Murphy

John Murphy has travelled and he still does, often from his armchair. Lately, John has been promoting the town and Piel Island on the world's airwaves and blogs, his voice has been heard in Ireland, the USA and Australia.

Fittingly, John first heard "Sergeant Pepper" while in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. He describes being huddled in the bowels of a ship, watching the disc turning on a home made record player whose drive belt  looked like the wheel of a toy car.

John is a great talker and tale-teller.  He talks about the power of records to transport him; but not just any records, his copies, with their accumulations of crackles and skrits. He tells us of  the physical presence of records, the actions and mechanisms of engagement, and the visitors they can summon.

John has written us a short piece in which he gives us his Walney Island Discs. His choices and what he has to say about each tell you a lot about him. Get in touch via the links below, join him for a walk. 

  • Melanie - Ruby Tuesday  
  • Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
  • Buffy Saint Marie - Soldier Blue
  • The Dubliners - Raglan Road
  • Puccini - Madame Butterfly 
  • Debbie Reynolds - Tammy 
  • Rolling Stones - Come On 
  • Eddie Calvert - Oh My Papa
  • Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side

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