Road Movies and Voyages of Discovery

Glenn, Will, Neil, and Arnie at The Lock In, with John

Glenn, Will, Neil, Arnie, John at The Lock In

I'm working with writer Geoff Cox and some members of MIND in Furness. We've been meeting every week for informal chats, recording conversations, making notes, getting a sense of each others experiences and tastes and working towards something that, while not a full stop in any way, will give a flavour of where each of us are now, and how music has helped to get us there.

The recordings here demonstrate how much the work progressed, the humour, honesty and clarity that has characterised the sessions is all there in these pieces. You hear and feel the significance of records, tapes, music as company, nutrition, solace, social lubricant, and as territory to be explored. The quality of the readings too is outstanding; it is a great thing to hear these stories delivered in these warm and characterful voices.

Each piece currently rings with the voice of the writer; each writer's job now is to refine them while keeping those voices in the foreground, and to think about how this moving and thoughtful work can develop and then be presented. Geoff had suggestions about form, that involved moving sections of text around, developing certain devices... rhythm and repetition, the use of key images, visual elements...

Robbie from The Lock In manned the desk. It was the first time he'd heard any of the work and as were packing away he was full of praise for the group and, like me, buzzing a little from the atmosphere the lads bring with them. There is a sense here of a group that can develop further projects in other media, and whose members have further skills that can open doors for themselves and others, making a real contribution to the cultural life of the town.

Original Music: John Hall, Robbie Gallagher, Damo Rose.
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