Daz Burke

Daz Burke with LPs: Chaino - Jungle Echoes Esquivel, Exploring New Sounds In Stereo, and A.R & Machines Die Grune Reise - The Green Journey

This is Daz Burke, musician. We talked about his relationship with music and pop culture and about pop as information. Daz talks about how in the right - or wrong - hands, pop can inform, enable, and subvert.

We talked about where Daz found the info as a teenager in Barrow, about the current draining ubiquity of pop, on the need for a local underground of some sort, where if only for a short period you can find community and enjoy those sudden shifts in the landscape when the mode of the music changes.

He talks about what he remembers of the sound of the town beyond its music scene, of early ventures into recording studios, and of the allure of House to the veterans of  long played-out scenes and the victims of a numbing mainstream club culture.

There are other voices here too, Producer Phil Caine sent  us a poem from the heart of the dancefloor, and Phill Gregg reads it over his own music.

Original Music: Big Dwarf, Phill Gregg
Guest Reader: Phill Gregg
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